feel free to follow the ‘new’ blog as this will now operate as the archive for pride.

welcome to the archive ;

After a lot of thought and planning over the period of not being able to post with regularity and with the drama that had happened not long ago? I feel that giving Pride a ‘new blog’ and turning this into an archive/reference may be just what I need to help me comfortably get back into the character.

There is very little change that has not already been made that is coming with this ‘new blog’, save for the following:

Pride’s ‘main’ face claim will now be Oona Chaplin to represent how grounded and mellowed out she has become in her evolution as a character. The Rachel Skarsten face claim will remain, she is now just a secondary face claim though; she had been there to represent the more hardened nature of what Pride had become in lieu of missing Bishop and whatnot. But now that she and Bishop are indeed together and much has been resolved emotionally [ and mentally, for both ], not to mention he is essentially an anchor for her, she is going to her ‘roots’ so to speak — a more down to earth form.

It will be moved to the same URL of ‘gloriatus' while this account will be changed to 'superbiasuperbus’; my old and the original URL for Pride when I had started her.


While things are agreeing with me, have an update on my current predicaments…

So, as of late/recent, my computer is still a bitch so I’ve been predominately roleplaying on Skype — as well as MSN [ if not more-so than Skype ] a lot since Skype doesn’t always function right… I have some stuff I owe replies to on here, but I’ve tried installing other browsers, but they seem to sync up their issues with Chrome by crashing a lot. I don’t have quite the right amount of money to afford a new comp or a new HD for this one just yet, but hopefully? I will have a job again soon so that I can. Essentially, due to these issues, I’ve been on more of an unannounced hiatus of sorts. My sincerest apologies to those I roleplay with…

Lastly, if you’ve been messaging me on Skype? Not all the messages on there go through correctly, sometimes I get stuff you sent me days prior or not at all. But, a few of you have my cell number, feel free to text me.

#whispers into the wind: i’m alive — i think